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  • Someone wise once said “Fashion can be bought.

    Someone wise once said “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” Fashion is grabbing the latest trend; style is tastefully making it your own.I believe that your image can reach someone before your voice, your intellect, your morals- before practically anything else about you. It represents not just your hygiene and personal care, but also your art, your whimsy Continue Reading...
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  • Fashion Designer and Stylist

    Fashion Designer and Stylist; Stephon “Darnell” McGowan is a Dallas, TX native appealing to the masses of the fashion industry. Throughout the Houston Area, Darnell is working closely with his clients to give them right look for the occasion and lifestyle as well. The seasoned designer and wardrobe stylist displays the highest quality of professionalism. Darnell McGowan is known throughout Continue Reading...
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  • Welcome to Life Coaching by AJ

    Are there questions about dating, life, love, friendship, anything that you've always wanted to ask but never have...or have but would like another opinion? Do you simply want to share a story? Send a message to AJ will answer your questions (while keeping your identity confidential) on the blog section of this page!...
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  • About AJ

    AJ is passionate about learning and helping others to discover what they want in life and grow from their experiences. Connection IS the way to sustained happiness. She believes that laughter should be a major part of everyone's daily life. She strives to bring compassion, acceptance and accountability to her coaching environment. From start to finish, she works to create Continue Reading...
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  • Five Types of Songs to Listen to While Getting Ready for a Date

    “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it a rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” – Unknown When I was young, my mom belonged to Columbia House. She let my brother and I each select five artists because there was some great deal when you ordered at least Continue Reading...
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Treveil and Sarah

Romantic Stories of Treveil and Sarah:


Sarah and I chatted for many weeks before finally meeting. I waited so long to meet up with her that I almost didn't get a chance to go out with her. The first time I saw her face I knew I had to get to know this woman, but she might not date outside her race, and society sometimes can be hard on you when you’re not acting the norm. When I showed her picture to my roommate he said “oh she looks very nice but you don't have a chance.” I figured I'd give it a shot, leave it in God's hands and go with it. Boom! I got my first message, then third, then eventually we exchanged numbers. I was so excited when Sarah asked when I was going to take her out on a date. Unfortunately, I was late for our first date, and if her friend hadn’t intervened on my behalf, I would not be writing this now. I finally met her in person, and loved her beautiful eyes, and long hair. She was a spunky, tough-talking Latina, and we chatted it up all night. All I could think of was how I almost missed out! I just hoped and prayed I would get a second date. The Lord blessed us to have multiple dates. I learned she is kind-hearted, loyal, strong and opinionated. She’s a traveler who loves old people, likes to help out (even when not asked to), and doesn't like to cook. She is a once in a lifetime woman - the woman I'm in love with, I cherish, enjoy being around, and pray I never have to be away from. She’s my best and closest friend, my dear Sarah. And here we are about to tie the knot (and the rest is rock n' roll history).