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    Fashion Designer and Stylist; Stephon “Darnell” McGowan is a Dallas, TX native appealing to the masses of the fashion industry. Throughout the Houston Area, Darnell is working closely with his clients to give them right look for the occasion and lifestyle as well. The seasoned designer and wardrobe stylist displays the highest quality of professionalism.

    Darnell McGowan is known throughout the United States for his unique style. He has worked with many upcoming artists throughout Texas. While working with local TV hosts in the Houston Area, Darnell has done a wide range of work and helped other designers as well. Darnell empower his clients by giving them insight knowledge of the newest trends while putting his own twist to it. He attended one year of fashion school, which accompanied an apprenticeship opportunity. Also, his engineering background acquired from Texas Southern University makes him very well rounded and indestructible when it comes to challenges.

    Darnell continues to bring forward new trendsetting designs through his new collection. His works include twenty plus fashion shows where his work was displayed. He has worked with anonymous designers throughout the Fashion Industry. Darnell enjoys making his clients look great and feels great. It is often said that first impressions is the lasting impressions so make it Great with Darnell McGowan.

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