Tristan and Dillon

Tristan and Dillon
"Thousands of miles apart will only make us stronger."
I was in 5th grade when my parents decided to move outside of the city and into the suburbs. I HATED it. It meant leaving friends behind, being the new kid in class, and being one of the few African Americans in the entire school. I experienced quite a culture shock. Little did I know that what seemed like the worst move of my life would end up molding me into the woman I am today.

At first trying online dating was just a joke. Being an aeronautics engineer, you would think there were guys all around me; plenty to choose from right? Well, I saw it as the complete opposite. I never seemed to find the right maturity in men at work. After jokingly telling my best friend I would join Ascension, I made my account. The interactions started slow at first and after a few failed meetings, I was on the verge of giving up. A few months went by and I decided it wasn't worth the money anymore and deactivated my account. That was the end of my online dating spree!

Just before cancelling, I decided to check my matches for the day and came across Alex's profile. Instantly I knew he was for me, but I had no clue whether the attraction would be mutual. I decided to take a chance and reach out. When I didn’t hear back for days, I began to lose hope, and again contemplated cancelling. Before I had a chance to cancel, Alex responded. He told me he had been traveling on business abroad. Thank God he did; we have corresponded every day since.

Ten months dating and a month's subscription later and we are more in love every day. Just when I had given up on Ascension, it didn't give up on me! Being an interracial couple in the Midwest doesn't seem to be as big a deal as it might be in other parts of the country. For the most part we get stares and an occasional "that's weird" in public, but I love it! It fuels us, and makes me love and appreciate what we have even more. When people ask us how we met, we look at each other and smile because we know how they'll react: "An interracial couple... that met on" And had my parents not made that move to the suburbs in 5th grade, I probably wouldn't have the open mind to date outside my race and try online dating. My experiences have made me a better person who leads by example. The fact that we'll be celebrating our anniversary through Skype due to his work schedule in the Emirates proves love sees no color, and thousands of miles apart will only make our relationship stronger. This has been a world wind love affair. We spend every minute we can together, and it is worth it! We are engaged to be married in fall 2016 in Paris. God is good.

I love my Interracial Relationship!

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