Minna and Lu

"A romance was blossoming"

I initially sent a quick “hi” to Lu because I saw that he was a soldier currently deployed in Iraq and I wanted to reach out to him. I really was not thinking about romance at the time, just what I could do to support a soldier and let him know people back home cared. Although he was unable to respond to my initial instant message because of computer difficulties, he sent me an emailed response, and we soon began chatting almost daily. I sent him a small package with homemade cookies, never expecting him to send me a package in return. When he returned home almost 3 months later, we met for a late dinner and, although I can't really say what he was thinking, I was still not sure there would be anything more than friendship. But when I walked up the front steps to meet him, Lu kissed me. Although it took a little while before we fully acknowledged it, I think deep down we both already knew a romance was blossoming. We were engaged about 5 months later and married July 23. Every day we learn something new about each other. Thank you Ascensions.com!

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