Jason and Cali

"Neither one of us was able to stop smiling"

I accepted a job in Louisiana in 2014 that took me away from all of my friends and family in Fort Worth for a year. When I moved back in July of 2015, I had a new appreciation for my city, my family and life's opportunities, and I wanted someone to share everything with. I decided to take a chance on Ascensiondating.com just to get back in the swing of things socially before I started work in August. Eventually, I noticed that one guy looked at my profile occasionally, but never contacted me. Curiosity and impatience got the best of me, and I decided to check out his profile. After reading his profile it was obvious to me that we shared a lot of the same values, and that he was a kind, genuine, good man- the kind of man that is rare and one of a kind. Not to mention, he was also very cute and a firefighter! I couldn't help but send him an email to see if I would get a response. I did, and our conversation was fun, natural, and meaningful. We exchanged numbers and spent a week texting, calling, FaceTime calling, and making each other videos in which we told funny stories to one another. Jason paid attention to so many little details (which I've come to find out is an excellent trademark habit of his), and knew my favorite local band. Since we both enjoyed the band's music and downtown Fort Worth, Jason decided to combine the two in what would become the best first date of my life.

We agreed to meet at one of my favorite bars to have a drink, and then walk over together to the concert. Jason was there early, wearing a polo shirt, jeans and his cowboy boots. He was waiting for me in front of the bar, and after seeing him for the first time I got so nervous I parked really far away to give myself time to calm down before I walked up to him. When we finally were face to face in front of the bar, neither of us was able to stop smiling. Jason’s smile and his adorable lone dimple have quickly become a few of my favorite things. Once we both got over our first date jitters, our conversation and laughter came easily, and the time we had before the concert flew by. We walked to the concert hand in hand, and spent the rest of the evening singing along to our favorite songs and stealing kisses in between. We both knew by the end of the night that we had something special.

We have been together four months now, and we are both deeply in love. I have found someone who loves me, laughs with me, supports me, and shares the ups and downs of life with me. Being with Jason has shown me that a successful relationship is truly a partnership. I have never laughed and loved so much with one person in my life. We are both so grateful to Ascensiondating.com for bringing us together because in each other we have found something strong, beautiful, and lasting.

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