Gabriel and Britney

Gabriel and Britney

“I found my best friend, my comedian, my rock.”
I had been dating online for several years and wanted to try something more serious. I was on for a few weeks and Gabriel contacted me. His smile was contagious, so I had to know more. Gabriel mentioned he loved comedy so many times in his profile that I decided to playfully point that out. Apparently, that struck a chord with him and we started talking.

After 2 months of dating, we decided to take a break. When we met, both of us had gotten out of relationships. We knew there was something special, but we wanted to have the best version of ourselves when we made it official.

About 5 months later, Gabriel reached out to me and we clicked yet again. We had grown so much in the last few months- we knew we were ready to be serious. Recently, Gabriel asked me to be his girlfriend. We have enjoyed each other more than we could have ever fathomed.

I have honestly found my best friend, my comedian, my rock, the love of my life.

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