Someone wise once said “Fashion can be bought.

Someone wise once said “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” Fashion is grabbing the latest trend; style is tastefully making it your own.I believe that your image can reach someone before your voice, your intellect, your morals- before practically anything else about you. It represents not just your hygiene and personal care, but also your art, your whimsy or seriousness, your intentions-- it represents you. Every look is a snapshot, and a memory of you--an impression. I enjoy nothing more than helping one make a good impression. I believe that style should be personal, not cookie cutter, and should tell everyone you meet a little bit of your story, but it should never be the story.A lifelong lover of good style, I worked professionally styling clients in a high-end boutique for years before working with individuals on my own. I enjoy the thrill of that shift in confidence one has when one looks good, and I like to incorporate new and old pieces to create ensembles for clients that fit any occasion.

You are the story. Your style is the microphone. What would you like to say? I’m happy to help.


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